Style Note: Pre- Fall Collection 2017 “Les Chaud Automne

This is probably one of our more creative shoots that incorporated lacey details, sheer fabrics and sun-kissed glosses skin shot in one our creative directors favorite places to get away in Palm Springs, Ca.

IMG_5826This fall 2017 we felt fashion was  going with the mood of the times. “People want to be enchanted and dream so the colors of electric blues, soft ivories and deep burgundy on flower pattern backdrop seemed just natural for us here at Shop Notice to incorporate in this Pre-Fall Collection.” -Son, Creative Director





We teamed of with an Actress Anissa Borrengo who we felt embodies all the playfulness of this collection.



It was such a pleasure to work with a new member on our team Cristina Ada  to complete the hair and beauty looks, which was inspired by hot Automne days of the creative diectors mid-western upbringing. Wet sultry hair and dewy skin. IMG_5822 2

We hope you enjoy this collection” Les Chaud Automne” as it was shot with you in mind. Shop all the looks and view the collection here. 


Shop Notice



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