Beauty Edit: False Lashes

The beauty trend of the moment : False Lashes.

Create that baby face look with adding false lashes. Stack up two layers for feathery effect.  Paired with dewy skin foundation to complete the look this summer/fall 2017 or when ever mood strikes you.

false lashes Rihanna Sephora

How to apply them ?

It’s easy all you need is some lashes glue and a tweezer. For dramatic look.  Try the look from the Rhianna Fenty Summer Collection the Sephora Lash Show style ” Makeup forever”. Click thru to shop the lash here. or Sephora House of Lashes style “Seductress”. Click here.

Step 1 : Apply the glue on the line of the lashes

Step 2 : Blow on the glue to let it dry a little bit

Step 3 : Apply it with the tweezer and freeze your face to let it dry

Here is where you can buy some great lashes !





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